7 Creative Ways to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is one of your life’s most special and memorable days, and you want everything to be perfect. For many couples, this means including their four-legged best friend! Incorporating your pup into your wedding can add a unique touch that will make it even more special. How do you include them without making it feel like an afterthought?

Here are seven creative ways to incorporate your beloved pup into the celebration on your big day! I’ve also included three tips at the end to make these ideas as stress-free as possible!

1. Include Them in Your Engagement Photos

When your engagement photos are taken, including your pup, make the pictures extra special. You can use these photos for your save-the-date cards, display them at your wedding on a special table, or even use them as table numbers! This low-stress option doesn’t require your dog to be there on the big day.

2. Have Them Be Your Ring Bearer or Flower Girl

This is one of the most popular ways to include your pet in the ceremony, and if your pup is up to the task, I think it’s such a fun one! They can walk down the aisle, accompanied by a human helper, with your rings around their neck on a special bow tie collar or a flower collar that matches your bouquet if you want them to be your flower pup!

down the aisle with dog
Photo Credit:PawzandMe.com

3. Take a Walk Down the Aisle

If your dog is anything like mine, walks are their favorite time of the day, so how better to include your pup than to have them join you for your most special walk – down the aisle! As a bonus, you’ll have your pup nearby to help calm any last-minute nerves. Just make sure you have someone to hand your pup to at the end of the aisle so you can soak in your time at the altar!

wedding party
Photo Credit: SunnySkyz.com

4. Include Them in the Wedding Party

If your dog is comfortable in front of a crowd, you can have them stand up as part of the bridal party! You can even dress them up in a special outfit for the occasion. Just imagine the amazing photos you will get that can hang in your home for years to come!

Dogs in wedding
Photo Credits: Etsy Seller YippeeDaisy (top left), Etsy Seller Frankadelphia (top right), Etsy Seller RubiandLib (bottom)

5. Use Their Cute Face to Personalize Your Bar

Imagine a cocktail hour with sweet, personalized details all dedicated to your favorite pup. If you’re not doing a cocktail hour, you can deck out the bar at your reception! Just think – cocktail napkins, swizzle sticks, and specialty drinks – all made more adorable by your favorite furry friend! It’ll feel like they’re right there with you all night long.

6. Create a Doggy Bag Treat Station

What an adorable way to show love to your guests’ pets from yours!  Set up a treat table with your pup’s favorite goodies and let your guests fill bags to bring home to their own furry friends. Display some fun photos of your pups, and you have the most adorable personalized favor that will actually get used!

7. Incorporate Them Into Your Cake Design

If you cannot have your pup in attendance on your big day, why not stick them on the cake? Have your baker add a personalized figurine of your fur baby or a simple silhouette cake topper with your pup included – it’s the perfect subtle touch to make your day all the more special!  This fun detail will definitely make you and your guests smile when it’s time to cut the cake!

Bonus Tips

And, as promised, here are some bonus tips to make including your pup a stress-free part of your wedding day!

  1. Consider your dog’s personality – You know your dog best, so really think about where they will shine, how much training they have, and what will make them uncomfortable. Don’t ask too much of them. Consider how many new sights, sounds, and smells your dog might encounter on your wedding day, and decide if you think they can handle it. If not, it’s 100% ok to book them a day at their favorite puppy spa. You can still incorporate them in ways that don’t require them to be in attendance.
  1. Designate a doggie sitter – This is especially important if you will have your pup present on your wedding day! Choose someone with whom your dog is completely comfortable, and someone who will be able to take your pup home if the day gets too long or overwhelming for them (*hint* – not your parents, siblings, wedding party members, etc…) If you have a pet sitter that you use regularly this could be a perfect job for them!
  1. Be willing to go with the flow – Be prepared and have a plan in place in case your dog happens to have an off day on the day of your wedding. Make alternate plans for that so you can let them off the hook without scrambling. As sweet and fun as it would be to have your dog there, ultimately, the stress you will both feel if it’s not working is not worth it!

Including your pet in your big day is sure to create sweet wedding day memories that you will cherish for years to come. For even more ideas for your wedding day, check out all the ideas on Registry Finder’s Wedding Blog!

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