11 Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favors are usually small in size but can become a big part of your budget! I am a firm believer that wedding favors should be something that your guests can eat or actually use. If not, your favor will end up getting tossed by your guest!

Favors show guests your appreciation for taking time to celebrate your special day! Set up a beautiful favor table for a classy touch at any wedding or incorporate your favors into your table decor.

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of the most popular wedding favors for weddings with a large or small budget. And, I promise that all of these favors will be useful or edible!

Candy - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of Etsy Seller mavora

1. Snacks and Candy

My husband and I did Swedish Fish candy in cellophane bags for our wedding favors and most of our guests told us they enjoyed them on the way home! Score! I love these His Favorite/Her Favorite” stickers so that guests can have a choice! Buying snacks and candies in bulk helps to save a ton of money and makes this one of the most cost effective (and delicious) favors out there!

Soda - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of Etsy Seller NottinghamPaperGoods

2. Favorite Drinks

Any drink will do here! Your favorite glass soda bottle or lemonade would make a classy and cost effective favor. These cute bottle tags let your guests know that it’s theirs for the taking! If you want to take it to the next level, you could treat your guests to some high quality booze with mini bottles of liquor.

Matches - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of GB Design House

3. Matches

I love this classic matchbox design for a useful favor that everyone can use around the house for lighting candles or an air freshener in the guest bathroom.

Coffee wedding favor
Photo Courtesy of Etsy Seller BespokeByBlush

4. Coffee

This is what all your guests will need after a long night of wedding festivities! Fill these custom packages with your favorite specialty coffee so it can be brewed the very next morning.

Succulent - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of Dalla Vita

5. Potted Plants

These potted plant favors are show stoppers that can go along with many different wedding themes. The white dip bottom accent makes them extra special and a perfect home decor addition to your guests’ home.

Honey - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of PlainJane2424

6. Honey Sticks

These sweet favors will have your guests buzzing! They are great to eat on their own or to mix into hot beverages! The custom tags and ribbon elevate this cost effective treat.

Candle - Wedding Favor
Photo by: Marissa Maharaj

7. Candles

Candles are a super practical wedding favor and a creative outlet for the bride and groom. Create custom candles based on your favorite scents and let your label reflect that! Or choose a color that goes perfectly with your theme to tie everything together.

Spice - Wedding Favor
Photo courtesy of Something Turquoise

8. Custom Spice Blend

This custom spice blend recipe from Something Turquoise will add some flavor to your guest’s cooking and will be easy on your wallet. Most people will take one of these favors per family, so you won’t have to make one for each guest, another cost saver!

Cookies - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of ClawsonCookies

9. Iced Cookies

These elegant cookies are almost too gorgeous to eat! Their classic design will go with many different wedding themes and make for a beautiful favor table.

Tealight Holder - Wedding Favor
Photo Courtesy of Etsy Seller Mesnet

10. Tealight Holder

These tealight holders are the perfect multipurpose favor! They are escort cards, table decor, and a beautiful, useful favor to take home at the end of the night! The little piece of greenery added on top makes them simply elegant!

Hand Sanitizer - Wedding Favor
Photo courtesy of Etsy Seller GlamPaperCo

11. Hand Sanitizer

These days, gifting hand sanitizer is one of the most thoughtful things anyone can do and the classy labels make this bottle into the perfect favor!

Something You Love

No matter what you choose to give for your wedding favors, try to make it a reflection of something that you and your partner love. If you need some great DIY tips for favors, check out our blog post on Best DIY Wedding Ideas.

Here’s to wedding favors that can actually be used!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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