What to Wear to Your Own Baby Shower

If your baby shower is approaching, you’ve probably been focusing on curating the perfect registry of baby items to welcome your little one. But now it’s time to focus on YOU! What to wear to your own baby shower is one of the toughest wardrobe challenges, but I’m here to help with 5 factors you should consider before hitting, “add to cart!”

stylish baby shower dress

1. Consider Your Personal Style

Gone are the days when being pregnant meant sacrificing your sense of style. Thanks to today’s maternity designers, you can still incorporate the trends you love into your pregnancy wardrobe!

Whether it’s a pop of color, cutouts or smocking, Bloomingdales offers a fashion-forward selection of maternity fashion. These dresses from Ingrid and Isabel are just the start!

2. Give Yourself Room to Grow

You might be bigger on the day of your shower than you were the day you tried on your dress. Make sure that your dress has room for a growing belly in case you have a “growth spurt” close to your shower!

Baby Shower Dress with Room to Grow

The smock back on this blue maternity dress from Nom Maternity allows the dress to stretch as you grow!

3. Practice Your Pose

It’s happened to all of us: we look great in the mirror, but somehow, not as great on camera! Have your shopping partner snap a picture of you in your dress and make sure you like how it photographs. Each and every guest will want a picture with you at the baby shower, so make sure you love the pictures they post and share!

Photographs Well dress for baby shower

I know it sounds crazy, but practice posing in your dress: where will you place your hands? Does the neckline dip too low or do straps slip off? This floral Ingrid and Isabel dress might be the “picture perfect” dress for you!

4. Use the Invitation as Inspiration

At the last few baby showers I’ve hosted, the mom-to-be has dressed in a similar color scheme to the invitation, and it makes for such a seamless and beautiful tie-in to the decor of the shower! This isn’t a “must,” but if you are looking for a new dress, using the invitation as a source for color and style is a fun idea!

BBQ Invitation and Dress

This adorable “Baby-Q” shower invitation and this Nom Maternity gingham jumper are a perfect match!

Tropical Invitation and Dress

A tropical baby shower invitation calls for a bright and festive dress! I love the colors and patterns in this one from Ingrid and Isabel.

5. Think About the 4th Trimester

It might not seem like your pregnancy is flying by, but before you know it, you will have a baby in your arms! For the first few weeks or months, you might not be quite ready to get into your pre-baby clothes, but you won’t want to wear anything that screams, “maternity” either. Finding a cute dress that can work for pregnancy and postpartum will help you feel pretty now and later! 

4th Trimester Baby Shower Dress

This Nom Maternity floral maternity dress does double duty–the smocked back means it will fit while you’re pregnant, and the button front makes it perfect for nursing!

Enjoy your shower!

No matter what you choose to wear, I hope you soak in all the love of your family and friends! Brush up on your baby shower etiquette (scroll down for tips for the guest of honor) and go have fun!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. The ideas are ours, but we may be compensated if you make a purchase by clicking on one of the links. Thanks for your support!

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