5 Unforgettable Themes for Your Graduation Party

“Today is a milestone. It tells you how far you’ve come. Keep learning, keep trying, keep accomplishing, and keep venturing on through your journey.” –Napoleon Hill

Graduation is a major milestone. The long hours of studying have finally paid off, and your student is ready to launch into the world of college or career (and parents are ready to say goodbye to homework, exams, and tuition too!). Of course, the best way to celebrate is to gather with family and friends. But hosting in the midst of ceremonies and end-of-year commitments can feel a little chaotic. Is there a way to mark the occasion in a memorable AND stress-free way? 

We think so! Read on for menus and themes that are sure to earn you an A+ with your guests– no cramming or all-nighters necessary!

An Overall Tip: Think “Food Bars”

Many attendees “party hop” from one graduation party to another, so food bars are the perfect way to display the food and decor. You can set up the buffet before guests arrive, and they can graze throughout the event! A food bar is compatible with each theme you’ll read about throughout this post.

One Smart Cookie

one smart cookie invitation
One Smart Cookie Invitation | Zazzle

Looking for a sweet and simple way to celebrate your grad? Go with the classic combination of milk and cookies. Whether you order from your favorite bakery or use a favorite family recipe, this sweet theme will surely delight your guests!

Seas the Day

seas the day invitation
Ocean Graduation Party Invitation | Etsy seller Contento Prints

As your grad “sets sail” on a new adventure, we love the idea of a nautical theme. Look to the ocean for your colors, decor, and menu!

A seafood boil is a fun way to gather around the table with close family and friends. The prep couldn’t be easier– all you need is one giant pot filled with your favorite shellfish, corn, and potatoes– and the presentation is casual yet impressive! Spread some newspaper, and gather around the table to “seas” this special day!

Let’s Fiesta!

Fiesta Graduation Party invitation
Let’s Fiesta Graduation Party Invitation | Etsy Seller Cadance Page

Holy guacamole, she did it! Celebrate your student’s status as a “nacho average grad” with a fun fiesta!

A taco bar is the perfect way to feed a crowd. For a complete list of everything you’ll need to create a delicious spread of toppings, proteins, dips, and more, head to this blog post. You’ll find everything you need!

Let the Game Days Begin!

game day invite
Customize this invitation with your grad’s school colors! | Etsy seller Tangerine Paper Shoppe

Why wait until the fall for the fun of game day? Get the tailage started early with this game-day-inspired graduation party theme! Fire up the grill and go all out with decor inspired by your graduate’s future school (or alma mater, if this is a college graduation!) We love the sentimental touch of displaying the graduate’s school pictures throughout the years.

Grad Party Menu Ideas - Game Day
Balloon Stands- Event Art Co | Build Your Own Burger Bar- Kelly Nan | DIY School Picture Template- Etsy Seller Stickearte

Elevate the typical burger and hot dog fare with an impressive display, like Kelly Nan’s pictured above! You’ll love Kelly’s diagram of exactly what to include, and your guests will love it, too!

Away They Grow!

Greenery Graduation Invitation
Greenery Graduation Invitation | Etsy seller Simply Elegant by Dema

This fresh theme is perfect for celebrating a season of growth! Fill your home with fresh flowers and let the fun bloom.

Grad Party Menu Ideas - Away They Grow!
Succulent Favors with “Punny” Tags- Etsy Seller Sorella Minchella | Grazing Table- The Grazing Girls | Custom Graduation Cap Centerpiece- Etsy Seller Celebration Hill | Fabric Hedge Wall Backdrop- Etsy Seller iJay Designs

Use greenery to adorn the tables and create a beautiful charcuterie for guests to enjoy. While they look impressive, designing your own spread isn’t difficult! I love this charcuterie how-to guide from Food Network: it covers every possible element you could add, like cheeses, nuts, jams, and more; plus, it will help you estimate how much you need of each to serve your guests!

Let’s Celebrate!

Grad Party Menu

Now that you have five fun party menu ideas to celebrate your graduate, what’s next?  We’re so glad you asked! Our GiveIt Blog has great resources for party planning and graduation gift-giving. You’ll even find ideas and lists for creating your dorm essentials checklist and college registry!

Feature image courtesy of South Lumina Style

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