– Ask Cheryl – Who Should I Invite to My Bachelorette Party?

The bachelorette party has become a huge production in recent years. What once was a fun night out with the bridesmaids has become an extravagant (and expensive) weekend-long trip. With the new bachelorette party comes new questions, like who should be invited?

Hi Cheryl,

What is the etiquette on inviting friends to a bridal shower but not the bachelorette party? My bachelorette party is out of state, but I wasn’t sure if it was rude because I invited friends that are not bridesmaids.


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Hi Jenny,

Thank you for writing.

It’s totally fine for friends to be invited to a wedding shower but not invite them to the bachelorette party. There is no specific etiquette surrounding who should be invited to a bachelorette party. I understand the confusion as there are quite a few etiquette “rules” concerning invitations to a bridal shower. Traditionally the bachelorette party would be a small and select group — your bridesmaids and maybe a few other very close friends. In many cases the party is limited to only the bride’s attendants.

Gift-giving is not part of the bachelorette party equation, however, it has become customary for the attendees to chip in and pay the bride-to-be’s way. So anyone attending is going to have to pay for themselves and possibly part of your tab. It’s not rude to invite other friends to your bachelorette party; it’s totally your choice — with one caveat. If your MOH or someone else is planning the party, you should consult with them first. And by consult I mean, make sure to honor their opinions.

Hope you have a great time and best wishes for your upcoming wedding!

Most sincerely,

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